Thursday, December 14, 2017


Coach Pat O’Connor is a USA T&F certified coach as well as a certified science teacher. He has taught for 9 years and coached cross-country and track & field for over 23 years, boasting 21 scholastic divisional, regional and national champions along with countless race/event qualifiers and personal bests at all levels. He has coached on a variety of levels. Middle school, high school, collegiate, open and professional individuals and teams. Since graduating from the University of New Hampshire ’93 BS, he has also owned his own landscaping company, been the manager of various shops, and completed a Masters Degree in Education at Cambridge College M.Ed. ’08. His thesis entitled METHODS OF PERIODIZATION: A Practical and Engaging Approach in the Art and Science of Teaching and Coaching Adolescents in the Sport of Distance Running With Emphasis on the Functionality and Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Heart, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems, has received much acclaim. His successes as a coach are outlined in the thesis as well as his extensive resume(available upon request). As an athlete he has also had success as captain of the UNH cross-country and track teams, where he was a successful 10,000 meter runner and steeplechaser as well as a harrier. He has successfully completed four marathons while running for Reebok Boston Running club as well as other various local running organizations. He can still be found as a “face-in-the-crowd” at local and distant road races and track venues during events either coaching, promoting or racing as a competitive Master’s Athlete. He recently has taken up the sport of cycling to add to his racing repertoire. Other than his athletic, teaching/coaching and business venture achievements, Coach O’Connor is also a successful singer/songwriter/producer with such influences as Paul Simon, David Gray and Dave Matthews. He has also had a life on stage as a stand-up comic with styles similar to those of Woody Allen. Coach O’Connor is passionate about helping others achieve their desired running goals. He resides just outside the city of Boston.

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