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Coach Pat offers a number of different coaching options, ranging from a coaching consultation at $60/hour to a Gold Level membership at $589.99 for up to 16 weeks. Coach Pat describes his training plan as follows:

Each training program, whether it is for overall fitness, a 5k, or a marathon, etc., will all be designed with the methods of Periodization and Effort Based Individualization in mind. Twelve week training programs are designed for the mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon.

Periodization, simply stated is a training method built to gradually monitor one’s training progession through stages or phases. Generally, a typical twelve week training cycle goes through four, three week phases. Each phase progression tends to decrease in quantity but increase in intensity. The LunchTimeRunner method of Periodization is designed to offer quality workouts that are essentially purposeful to the goals at hand and not incredibly time consuming. With all this in mind, it is the goal of LunchTimeRunner to enable its clients to gain Speed Endurance. Speed Endurance is the ability to run faster for longer periods of time.

Individualization within Periodization engages all individuals in the LunchTimeRunner training program regardless of age, sex, experience, natural ability and goals. The science of Individualization designs training phases according to an individual’s current fitness determined by their heart rate and also current 100% racing effort (1 mile, 5K, 10K). A group of runners may all run similar distances, on similar terrains, etc. but each runner is unique based solely on their current statistical efforts in races or time trials. Each individual’s workouts in each phase of Periodization will vary because of their unique 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100% heart rate output.

By simply subscribing to the LunchTimeRunner methods of cardio distance running training you will receive up-to-date workouts depending on your current needs/goals. By filling out the questionnaires when you are subscribing, the folks at LunchTimeRunner will be able to determine your individual three week training cycles and at what heart rate intensity each workout should be approached. Why not allow the folks at LunchTimeRunner to help get you off on the right foot! A Periodic & Individualized training plan along with patience and perseverance will help you achieve and, even better, exceed your goals and expectations! Start today!

Please contact Lunchtime Runner via e-mail or by phone to schedule an interview and to sign up right away!

A LunchTime Runner Philosophy:

the 5 P’s = Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

A LunchTime Runner Creed:

  • Focus on the job at hand. Be specific about what you are doing.
  • Toughness is willingness to do the work no matter what may stand in your way.
  • Patience in your training and progression will bring you the best results.
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