Friday, September 22, 2017



A plant requires necessary chemicals or electrolytes that supply energy in the form of fertilizers for large, full, bountiful growth. We also require a similar “fertilizer” to maintain that our energy release from exercise or running stays consistent and is constantly being replenished. A plant needs nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium or N-P-K. We require sodium, magnesium and potassium or Na-Mg-K.

These chemicals are gained from sport drinks, energy bars and gels. Make sure you are getting a low sugar, low protein balance of these chemicals in your sport drink, bar or gel.

Sport drinks should never replace water as your primary hydration source during hard efforts such as racing. However, you will require the electrolytes these drinks have. You should have a cup of an electrolyte based drink or gel 45 minutes before your hard effort and then every 20 minutes after you start that effort with another cup of straight water to help dilute it in your stomach. This will help it enter the blood stream more readily.

If you are not careful with when and how you take electrolyte drinks or gels, they may actually dehydrate you and work in reverse. Energy bars act best as a small snack during the day or in between workouts.

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